collectible-teddy-bearSteiff bears are considered one of the most beloved stuffed animals of the world. Their long and interesting story began several decades ago intertwined with some of the best collaborations with various companies, organizations and prominent figures. What made these toys very popular lies not only in their impeccable design, riveting stories and undeniable charm but also in their quality craftsmanship and manufacture.

The German company that manufactures these collectible teddy bears is known for their impeccable craftsmanship and the high quality materials used in the production of such toys. Have you ever wondered what these materials really are? If you did then you might want to read on to find out.


Identified as light, fine and extraordinarily soft, alpaca is considered as valuable as gold for the Incas. Such is still true up to this day since the material is considered one of the world’s most luxurious. This soft, warm and thick natural fiber is very lightweight, long lasting and silky to the touch.


Obtained from the long grown curly white fur of the extremely valuable Angora goat, mohair is gentle on the skin, thick, velvety smooth and highly lustrous. The material has long been used by the company since 1901 on their stuffed toys.


This material is considered the most gentle of them all and is dubbed to be perfect for toddlers and babies to snuggle up, squeeze and play with. It is a rich smooth fabric with a long soft nap or in other words “plush”. The fabric originally consisted of mohair and worsted yarn but modern production makes use of polyester or silk with a cotton backing.


What sets woven fur apart is the fact that it feels natural to the touch all thanks to the three dimensional weaving technique with which it was made where thread is woven perpendicularly into the cotton backing. The fur appears like as it would the animal it resembles and it is soft to the touch.

Steiff bears are made of these high quality materials making them soft and cuddly but apart from these fur fibers, the toy is also manufactured using top of the line stuffing which is why they are plump and holds their shape eternally. Moreover, their infamous button in ears are crafted in detail using various metals depending on their exclusivity, design model and value.