Steiff-Bear-Julian-onlineSmart shopping is something that we must all practice whether we’re the traditional or the digital shopper. Today, we’ll dish out some tips on the latter as give you a list of things to remember when you buy teddy bears online.

  • Have your bear in mind. If you think that the toy choices in the department store are pretty overwhelming, wait until you meet the internet. The options online are way more than what your usual store has so it would be wise to have an idea of what particular type or kind of toy you’re planning to get. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and when that happens, you’ll end in an endless it of scrolling and clicking for days.
  • Background check the seller. It is important to make sure that you only transact with a trustworthy and established online shop so don’t forget to do your homework and research.
  • Scrutinize the terms and conditions. Every shop has their own set of unique terms, conditions and policies. Don’t be a lazy brat and just click ‘confirm’ or ‘I agree’. Read and understand first.
  • Check the privacy policy. Since confidential information like names, addresses, contact numbers and credit card or bank details are exchanged, see to it that the site and the company upholds strict policies in terms of the use, storage and protection of such information.
  • Weigh in on the shipment details. How long will it take for the package to arrive? How much will it cost? From where will it be shipped? Make sure that these questions are answered either through the FAQ or similar page or a customer service representative.
  • Verify return and exchange procedures. Should there be an item wrongly delivered, damage or similar concerns, you’d want to return and exchange/refund the teddy bear. So before buying, always check the policies for this to avoid the headache later. Not all shops are the same so never assume that it’s the same procedure for all.
  • Look for reviews. Lastly, make sure to research reviews, feedbacks and testimonials about the toy and the seller. This shall help you get to know whether or not the purchase is really worth it. Plus, it shall help shed a light on the quality of product and services offered by a particular site.

Don’t forget to apply the above tips when you buy teddy bears online. Happy shopping!