Steiff-UKWhen we think about stuffed toys, the Steiff bears reign supreme without question. Its undeniable charisma is hard to beat and more than a century since it was first released, it is still one of the most sellable toys of today despite our age being called the modern world. As a matter of fact, it is beloved not only for its current designs but also for models released ages ago and pieces specifically and uniquely manufactured.

With so many manufacturers and brands out there, why the Steiff UK bear? What charm does it hold and how does it captivate so many hearts? We’ve looked into the matter and asked many collectors and avid buyers on the reasons behind their love for the toy. Here is what they had to say.

“It is durable.”

The toys are manufactured under the so called ‘Steiff Purity Law’ which states that ‘only the best is good for children’. Founder and owner, Margarete Steiff, built the brand from the ground up together with her nephew. They believed that safety and durability along with interesting designs make for great toys. Because of this, they made sure that everything from materials to manufacturing to the final product is nothing below par. Proof to this are the vintage toy pieces still alive and in great condition up to today, many with ages over several decades to a century.

“It is unique.”

The company is also known for its unique take on the teddy bears. Apart from the original designs, new and interesting additions and models are continuously manufactured. Plus, limited edition variants are added into the mix which are special designs made as an inspiration from, a commemoration to or a salute to certain people, events, literary works, brands and more.

“It is written in history.”

Steiff bears are the pioneer in the teddy industry. Back in the early 1900s, Margarete’s nephew came up with the initial design for the toy out of his fascination of the animal. The brand has already been known then as a great manufacturer and designer of plush toys for kids. It wasn’t until an American businessman came upon the bear by chance and found it really interesting that he ordered quite a huge batch and brought it to America where it caught quite a massive following. The rest is history as they say. And let’s not forget that many Steiff bears, particularly the vintage ones, have lived through enough decades to bear stories of the past.

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