stuffed-animalProfessionals say that stuffed animals are therapeutic toys both for children and for those who remain kids at heart. To put it simply, they’re good for everyone; but how exactly? Today, that’s what you’re about to discover.

  1. They nurture learning.

Stuffed toys are an effective tool that can teach children a lot of things. For instance, their fur, color and sometimes mechanical addition (e.g. music and sounds) help introduce the senses to kids. There’s texture for touch, sounds for hearing, color for vision and so on. Furthermore, they can be used to tell stories, act out scenes or recreate movement for kids to follow and learn from. After all, our first method of learning is by virtue of imitation. They can even help in developing motor movement.

  1. They provide comfort.

How many of us, kids and adults alike, love hugging their toys to sleep? Hugging in itself releases happy hormones as science has proven time and time again. But more than that, these toys bring comfort, ease and familiarity. They’re definite mood boosters and pick me uppers when you’re feeling down, lonely or scared.

  1. They help ease anxiety and depression.

As a matter of fact, doctors and therapists have continually used stuffed animal toys to help ease trauma and depression in children. For instance, organizations and charities hand them out to kids devastated by war and other forms of abuse and violence. When one feels anxious, beat up, sad or depressed, they can be a source of fondness. Being soft for one helps and then there’s the factor of huggable-ness.

  1. They encourage creativity and curiosity.

These cuddly toys are oftentimes a child’s first playmates; that is aside from their parents and siblings. You’d often see them in tea parties. They’d be dressed up and sat on chairs or lying down in bed seemingly acting out a scene from a child’s imagination. The colors, designs, patterns, sounds and textures help tickle the mind developing a sense of creativity and fostering a child’s hunger for imagination.

  1. They’re a treasure trove of memories.

As we grow up, stuffed animals become more than just toys. They become a vessel for memories, emotions and experiences. They become, as we’d like to call them, mementos of ourselves. They’ve been with us in different points of time from the good and the bad and seeing them just sparks that much needed reminiscing.