steiff teddy bearSteiff bears have been around for so long, more than a century even. In 1902, the concept was presented to founder Margarete Steiff by her favorite nephew Richard who has always had a strong liking for bears. The German toy manufacturing house has been in operation for a few years then and has since released other stuffed animals like elephants and dogs.

But the teddy was the one that catapulted to fame and spread like wildfire across the continents. While others were considered as friends, mementos or heirlooms, there were those which were apparently destined for royalty. Care to wonder what they are?

Steiff Alonzo

This bear is literally of royal decent. Manufactured in 1908, the striking red toy was bought by George Mikhailovich, Grand Duke of Russia, back in 1989 at a Christie’s London auction for $12,100. He gave it as a gift to his daughter Princess Xenia who was said to have fled to England at the night of the Russian Revolution with the toy in tow. She later passed this on to her daughter before it was held up for sale at an auction as a prized collectible item.

Queen Elizabeth II Bear

Speaking of royalty, nothing else can come close to this. Steiff manufactured a Queen Elizabeth II Bear as a grand gesture and nod to the British monarch in 2015. That year, the queen became the longest reigning Monarch in British history, officially surpassing that of Queen Victoria’s sixty three years, seven months and two day reign. The toy comes with finest Schulte Mohair, clocks at 30 centimeters in size, dressed in a crown and royal coronation robe of deep blue color with spotted plush edging. It’s also a musical bear that plays the National Anthem “God Save the Queen”. The toy has a white label and bears the infamous Steiff button in ear in gold plating.

Diamond Eyes Teddy

Initially sold at $84,000 a piece during its release, the Steiff diamond eyes teddy bear was literally covered in fine things. Perhaps the only one of its kind, it came with a golden snout, golden thread for fur and a pair of eyes made of sapphires and diamonds. These Steiff bears only came with 125 pieces and were designed and produced specifically to celebrate the German brand’s 125th founding anniversary. The company is now 137 years old. As to how grand its 150th birthday will be? We can only imagine.

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