steiff-queen-elizabethWhen it comes to the collectible toys, the Steiff brand wins the game. This has been the case for the past decades. Recently, the company has released yet another limited edition piece and this time it was made as a tribute to and in the likes of none other than Britain’s ruling monarch. So here goes the question: Is the Queen Elizabeth teddy bear a yay or a nay? Let’s find out.

  • Historical Significance

The toy was made in line with a special day for the British monarch. As of the 9th of September of the year 2015, Queen Elizabeth II has officially become the world’s longest reigning monarch of all time. The record has been previously held by the late Queen Victoria whose reign lasted for sixty three years, seven months and two days. Moreover, Queen Elizabeth is currently the world’s oldest ruler in the world at the age of 89. Steiff designed the toy as a huge tribute and salute for this one of a kind feat.

  • Regal Features

Since the Queen Elizabeth teddy bear was made as a tribute for Her Majesty’s aforementioned milestone, the designers made sure that the toy was fit for nobility. Made with the most luxurious white Schulte mohair, it is characterized by its soft velvety smooth and high luster texture.

The toy is also dressed like a true queen with a majestic deep blue royal coronation robe with spotted plush edging. On its head, sits a matching crown that sparkles without end.

A special feature of the toy comes in a musical format. It plays the national anthem “God Save the Queen” right off of its chest and golden embroidery of a musical staff can be found in one of its lower paws.

  • Exclusivity

To match the year in which it has been released, Steiff manufactured only 2,015 pieces of it. Majority of them have already been sold out with many collectors still on the chase for available stocks and potential resellers. To stamp its rarity, the toy comes with Steiff’s signature brand, the button in ear but in gold plating. This is accompanied by a red and white fabric tag that is given only to the brand’s special releases and limited edition pieces.

Now after reading all of that, what is your verdict? Is the Queen Elizabeth teddy bear a yay or a nay?