teddy bearThere are a lot of things considered valuable in this world. Perhaps not all of them come with jewels and precious metals or may have been molded by expert hands of people written in history books but they are all treasures nonetheless. Teddy bears for instance have become one of the most prized possessions around the globe today not just as sentimental mementos but also as highly covetable collectibles.

But not all of these cuddly wonders can be given a price point that sets them as a collectible. That and the fact that buyers and avid collectors need to practice a great deal of caution when it comes to identifying authentic pieces from fakes.

So how do we exactly identify valuable teddy bears? What do we need to do to certify that a certain piece is truly and irrevocably authentic? We’ve listed down some tips. Take a look at them below.

Invest in knowledge. When identifying teddy bears of value, a lot of this boils down to what we know. There are many manufacturers all over the world and some of them have been in the toy business for a century and counting. It is therefore crucial to do one’s homework and partake in adequate research. After all, we can never tell apart an authentic from a fake when we barely know anything about the former. We all have to go down to the specifics even.

Choose a seller. Collectible teddy bears are traded both online and offline. This means that we need to do even more research not just on the toys but also on their sellers. Shops in particular carry them but before even hitting that checkout button or lining up on the counter queue for payment, be sure to know if the people or business you are trading with is trustworthy and of quality too. Reviews for instance are  good avenue to start.

Identify points of authenticity. What makes valuable teddy bears a cut above the rest is the fact that they are either limited edition designs or vintage pieces. Sometimes they can be both and this further ups their value. Some manufacturers add key attributes to the items to help consumers better identify them. The German brand Steiff for example adds button in ears and fabric tags to their teddy bears and the mold, design and material of these indications can help in determining their authenticity.