Steiff_teddy_Bear_Enchanted_ForestWe’ve all had a stuffed toy or two from our childhood days but even as adults aka kids at heart, a lot of us haven’t outgrown our love for these cuddly friends thus the fervor for collectible teddy bears.

But to describe them so simply as to sum them up as just a toy would feel every bit wrong. Collectible teddy bears are larger than life or at least better than what most people would assume them to be and here are the reasons why.

They make you happy.

Let’s face it. They work like a charm in making us smile. Stuffed toys are known for their ability to bring happiness to the world. The reason behind this is further backed by science. Because teddy bears are characterized by their soft fur and cushy texture, touching or even better hugging them creates a sense of joy as the brain releases feel good hormones into the body. More so, they come in a wide assortment of designs, patterns, colors and textures that give us a visual treat. As a matter of fact, doctors make use of them to relieve depression, anxiety and trauma. The fact that they are collectible too can mean that they hold memories, a story or a symbol we hold dear. They’re definitely not an average toy, now are they?

They’re quite the investment.

Because we’re talking about collectible teddy bears here, their price tag is no ordinary digit either. Some of them are more affordable than what many would assume while others are quite the definition of “sky is the limit”. A lot of people collect them for business too because they tend to sell better and become more valuable as time goes by. These collectibles, whether a vintage piece or a limited edition release, come with the variable of exclusivity. Not everyone has them and so the economic law of supply, demand and price goes into play.

They pass off as heirlooms.

Collectible teddy bears are not your usual heirloom. People would pass on something to their children or the people dearest to their hearts. Toys are perhaps one of the most common of these although people rarely notice the fact that they happen more often than we’d come to notice. They don’t even have to be vintage or limited edition. As long as they hold a tale too precious, they’re treasure too.