There are a lot of things considered valuable in this world. Perhaps not all of them come with jewels and precious metals or may have been molded by expert hands of people written in history books but they are all treasures nonetheless. Teddy bears for instance have become one of the most prized possessions around […]

Steiff bears have been around for so long, more than a century even. In 1902, the concept was presented to founder Margarete Steiff by her favorite nephew Richard who has always had a strong liking for bears. The German toy manufacturing house has been in operation for a few years then and has since released […]

Professionals say that stuffed animals are therapeutic toys both for children and for those who remain kids at heart. To put it simply, they’re good for everyone; but how exactly? Today, that’s what you’re about to discover. They nurture learning. Stuffed toys are an effective tool that can teach children a lot of things. For […]

When it comes to the collectible toys, the Steiff brand wins the game. This has been the case for the past decades. Recently, the company has released yet another limited edition piece and this time it was made as a tribute to and in the likes of none other than Britain’s ruling monarch. So here […]

Cleaning your Steiff bear isn’t as catastrophic as it may seem. You can actually clean and wash stuffed animal toys without injuring them, not even a smidge. To help you with that, here is a list of tips and hacks to guide you along. Now read up and make sure you take some notes! #1: […]

We all love a rare find, don’t we? Even in toys, many people have a penchant for the vintage pieces and limited edition designs. Apart from their rarity, it’s the story and symbolism that they often hold that draws people in. Take for example the Steiff bears. This toy has taken the world by storm […]