stuffed-animalProfessionals say that stuffed animals are therapeutic toys both for children and for those who remain kids at heart. To put it simply, they’re good for everyone; but how exactly? Today, that’s what you’re about to discover.

  1. They nurture learning.

Stuffed toys are an effective tool that can teach children a lot of things. For instance, their fur, color and sometimes mechanical addition (e.g. music and sounds) help introduce the senses to kids. There’s texture for touch, sounds for hearing, color for vision and so on. Furthermore, they can be used to tell stories, act out scenes or recreate movement for kids to follow and learn from. After all, our first method of learning is by virtue of imitation. They can even help in developing motor movement.

  1. They provide comfort.

How many of us, kids and adults alike, love hugging their toys to sleep? Hugging in itself releases happy hormones as science has proven time and time again. But more than that, these toys bring comfort, ease and familiarity. They’re definite mood boosters and pick me uppers when you’re feeling down, lonely or scared.

  1. They help ease anxiety and depression.

As a matter of fact, doctors and therapists have continually used stuffed animal toys to help ease trauma and depression in children. For instance, organizations and charities hand them out to kids devastated by war and other forms of abuse and violence. When one feels anxious, beat up, sad or depressed, they can be a source of fondness. Being soft for one helps and then there’s the factor of huggable-ness.

  1. They encourage creativity and curiosity.

These cuddly toys are oftentimes a child’s first playmates; that is aside from their parents and siblings. You’d often see them in tea parties. They’d be dressed up and sat on chairs or lying down in bed seemingly acting out a scene from a child’s imagination. The colors, designs, patterns, sounds and textures help tickle the mind developing a sense of creativity and fostering a child’s hunger for imagination.

  1. They’re a treasure trove of memories.

As we grow up, stuffed animals become more than just toys. They become a vessel for memories, emotions and experiences. They become, as we’d like to call them, mementos of ourselves. They’ve been with us in different points of time from the good and the bad and seeing them just sparks that much needed reminiscing.

Steiff-Bear-Julian-onlineSmart shopping is something that we must all practice whether we’re the traditional or the digital shopper. Today, we’ll dish out some tips on the latter as give you a list of things to remember when you buy teddy bears online.

  • Have your bear in mind. If you think that the toy choices in the department store are pretty overwhelming, wait until you meet the internet. The options online are way more than what your usual store has so it would be wise to have an idea of what particular type or kind of toy you’re planning to get. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and when that happens, you’ll end in an endless it of scrolling and clicking for days.
  • Background check the seller. It is important to make sure that you only transact with a trustworthy and established online shop so don’t forget to do your homework and research.
  • Scrutinize the terms and conditions. Every shop has their own set of unique terms, conditions and policies. Don’t be a lazy brat and just click ‘confirm’ or ‘I agree’. Read and understand first.
  • Check the privacy policy. Since confidential information like names, addresses, contact numbers and credit card or bank details are exchanged, see to it that the site and the company upholds strict policies in terms of the use, storage and protection of such information.
  • Weigh in on the shipment details. How long will it take for the package to arrive? How much will it cost? From where will it be shipped? Make sure that these questions are answered either through the FAQ or similar page or a customer service representative.
  • Verify return and exchange procedures. Should there be an item wrongly delivered, damage or similar concerns, you’d want to return and exchange/refund the teddy bear. So before buying, always check the policies for this to avoid the headache later. Not all shops are the same so never assume that it’s the same procedure for all.
  • Look for reviews. Lastly, make sure to research reviews, feedbacks and testimonials about the toy and the seller. This shall help you get to know whether or not the purchase is really worth it. Plus, it shall help shed a light on the quality of product and services offered by a particular site.

Don’t forget to apply the above tips when you buy teddy bears online. Happy shopping!

steiff-queen-elizabethWhen it comes to the collectible toys, the Steiff brand wins the game. This has been the case for the past decades. Recently, the company has released yet another limited edition piece and this time it was made as a tribute to and in the likes of none other than Britain’s ruling monarch. So here goes the question: Is the Queen Elizabeth teddy bear a yay or a nay? Let’s find out.

  • Historical Significance

The toy was made in line with a special day for the British monarch. As of the 9th of September of the year 2015, Queen Elizabeth II has officially become the world’s longest reigning monarch of all time. The record has been previously held by the late Queen Victoria whose reign lasted for sixty three years, seven months and two days. Moreover, Queen Elizabeth is currently the world’s oldest ruler in the world at the age of 89. Steiff designed the toy as a huge tribute and salute for this one of a kind feat.

  • Regal Features

Since the Queen Elizabeth teddy bear was made as a tribute for Her Majesty’s aforementioned milestone, the designers made sure that the toy was fit for nobility. Made with the most luxurious white Schulte mohair, it is characterized by its soft velvety smooth and high luster texture.

The toy is also dressed like a true queen with a majestic deep blue royal coronation robe with spotted plush edging. On its head, sits a matching crown that sparkles without end.

A special feature of the toy comes in a musical format. It plays the national anthem “God Save the Queen” right off of its chest and golden embroidery of a musical staff can be found in one of its lower paws.

  • Exclusivity

To match the year in which it has been released, Steiff manufactured only 2,015 pieces of it. Majority of them have already been sold out with many collectors still on the chase for available stocks and potential resellers. To stamp its rarity, the toy comes with Steiff’s signature brand, the button in ear but in gold plating. This is accompanied by a red and white fabric tag that is given only to the brand’s special releases and limited edition pieces.

Now after reading all of that, what is your verdict? Is the Queen Elizabeth teddy bear a yay or a nay?

Steiff-UKWhen we think about stuffed toys, the Steiff bears reign supreme without question. Its undeniable charisma is hard to beat and more than a century since it was first released, it is still one of the most sellable toys of today despite our age being called the modern world. As a matter of fact, it is beloved not only for its current designs but also for models released ages ago and pieces specifically and uniquely manufactured.

With so many manufacturers and brands out there, why the Steiff UK bear? What charm does it hold and how does it captivate so many hearts? We’ve looked into the matter and asked many collectors and avid buyers on the reasons behind their love for the toy. Here is what they had to say.

“It is durable.”

The toys are manufactured under the so called ‘Steiff Purity Law’ which states that ‘only the best is good for children’. Founder and owner, Margarete Steiff, built the brand from the ground up together with her nephew. They believed that safety and durability along with interesting designs make for great toys. Because of this, they made sure that everything from materials to manufacturing to the final product is nothing below par. Proof to this are the vintage toy pieces still alive and in great condition up to today, many with ages over several decades to a century.

“It is unique.”

The company is also known for its unique take on the teddy bears. Apart from the original designs, new and interesting additions and models are continuously manufactured. Plus, limited edition variants are added into the mix which are special designs made as an inspiration from, a commemoration to or a salute to certain people, events, literary works, brands and more.

“It is written in history.”

Steiff bears are the pioneer in the teddy industry. Back in the early 1900s, Margarete’s nephew came up with the initial design for the toy out of his fascination of the animal. The brand has already been known then as a great manufacturer and designer of plush toys for kids. It wasn’t until an American businessman came upon the bear by chance and found it really interesting that he ordered quite a huge batch and brought it to America where it caught quite a massive following. The rest is history as they say. And let’s not forget that many Steiff bears, particularly the vintage ones, have lived through enough decades to bear stories of the past.

To buy Steiff bears in the UK visit

steiff teddy bearCleaning your Steiff bear isn’t as catastrophic as it may seem. You can actually clean and wash stuffed animal toys without injuring them, not even a smidge. To help you with that, here is a list of tips and hacks to guide you along. Now read up and make sure you take some notes!

#1: The Damp Cloth Trick

If your toy’s got a subtle stain or dirt that doesn’t need a full on washing, immediately wipe it down using a damp cloth. In a bowl, mix a few drops of dishwashing liquid with a bowl of water. Dunk a clean cloth and wring out excess water. Slowly wipe the toy repeatedly in one motion. Then repeat this again but rinse out the cloth and damp it with only water this time. Doing this takes out the dirt and the earlier you do it the faster it will come off.

#2: Shake ‘Em Baking Soda

Do you have a funny smelling bear? There’s nothing that baking soda cannot fix! Before you wash it, place it in a plastic bag and sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda. Shake it around and leave it closed for thirty minutes. Proceed to washing and let it dry. Voila! It’s going to smell brand new.

#3: The Pillow Case Armor

If you don’t want to hand wash your teddy, you can use your washing machine. But before you submerge your toy into the water, place it inside a pillow case and zip it close. This shall protect the toy from the pressure within the machine and it shall also keep all accessories intact.

#4: The Brain Freeze Technique

In the unfortunate event that your teddy bear has been infested with molds and bugs, you’ll be left with nothing else to do but change up the stuffing. But before you do so, place the toy inside a sealed plastic bag and freeze it inside your fridge for two straight days. That should kill all the bugs and their eggs so when you wash and replace the stuffing, there’ll be no traces of them anymore.

#5: Emergency Hotline How May I Help You

If your Steiff bear is in a state of comma… Okay we may be exaggerating but should your toy be severely stained or damaged then we suggest bringing it to an expert repair shop especially if the Steiff product you have is a limited edition or a vintage piece.

limited edition bearWe all love a rare find, don’t we? Even in toys, many people have a penchant for the vintage pieces and limited edition designs. Apart from their rarity, it’s the story and symbolism that they often hold that draws people in. Take for example the Steiff bears. This toy has taken the world by storm ever since the German company manufactured the very first stuffed animal in the likeness of the aforementioned animal.

If you happen to be a seasoned collector or even one who’s still in the baby steps of it all, we’ve got a list of pro tricks to help you out on your quest. Get your pen and take down notes!

  • Know your bears. – It is important to acknowledge that many of these toys were manufactured across various decades for the past century, each one varying not only in the design aesthetic but also in terms of materials used. Research is the number one key to help you find the authentic ones in the market. Check out
  • Behold the button in ear. – Also known as the “knopf im ohr”, these button in ears are a signature trademark of the Steiff brand. It is attached to one of the toy’s ears and is one of the three identifiers of authenticity. Like the toys themselves, the knopf im ohr has evolved in design and material over the years so if you want to determine the bear’s age, this would be a huge factor. Moreover, limited editions are often given button in ears made of special materials, gold and Swarovski for example.
  • Check the fabric tag. –Details that come with it are the term “made in Germany”, the Steiff logo, EAN number and edition number. Limited editions made specifically for a customer, collaboration or a commemoration come with a white tag that bears red fonts. White tag with black lettering are replicas of old designs from the company’s archives while yellow tags with red font are those manufactured in bulk and have no limitation as to their run. Keep these in mind when you shop.
  • Research on the sellers. – When buying limited edition Steiff bears, it is important to consider the quality offered and trustworthiness of the shop or seller. This way, you will be more confident that the toy you are getting is indeed in good condition and legit so don’t procrastinate about this. Read reviews and ask around.

collectible-teddy-bearSteiff bears are considered one of the most beloved stuffed animals of the world. Their long and interesting story began several decades ago intertwined with some of the best collaborations with various companies, organizations and prominent figures. What made these toys very popular lies not only in their impeccable design, riveting stories and undeniable charm but also in their quality craftsmanship and manufacture.

The German company that manufactures these collectible teddy bears is known for their impeccable craftsmanship and the high quality materials used in the production of such toys. Have you ever wondered what these materials really are? If you did then you might want to read on to find out.


Identified as light, fine and extraordinarily soft, alpaca is considered as valuable as gold for the Incas. Such is still true up to this day since the material is considered one of the world’s most luxurious. This soft, warm and thick natural fiber is very lightweight, long lasting and silky to the touch.


Obtained from the long grown curly white fur of the extremely valuable Angora goat, mohair is gentle on the skin, thick, velvety smooth and highly lustrous. The material has long been used by the company since 1901 on their stuffed toys.


This material is considered the most gentle of them all and is dubbed to be perfect for toddlers and babies to snuggle up, squeeze and play with. It is a rich smooth fabric with a long soft nap or in other words “plush”. The fabric originally consisted of mohair and worsted yarn but modern production makes use of polyester or silk with a cotton backing.


What sets woven fur apart is the fact that it feels natural to the touch all thanks to the three dimensional weaving technique with which it was made where thread is woven perpendicularly into the cotton backing. The fur appears like as it would the animal it resembles and it is soft to the touch.

Steiff bears are made of these high quality materials making them soft and cuddly but apart from these fur fibers, the toy is also manufactured using top of the line stuffing which is why they are plump and holds their shape eternally. Moreover, their infamous button in ears are crafted in detail using various metals depending on their exclusivity, design model and value.